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The Premier Community Arts Center in Long Beach

The mission of the Art Exchange is to create a best-in-class arts facility that will be a vibrant hub for professional artists, support K-12 arts education and implement cutting edge community arts programs. The ARTX team is comprised of Long Beach professional artists, community advocates, and entrepreneurs from a wide-range of backgrounds representative of Long Beach's rich and varied diversity. Through our combined efforts, we will be inspiring a future generation of creative, driven, and successful artists while also filling a niche in community and industrial arts programs for Long Beach.X-small-icon-1_no_background

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

The Lastest at the Art exchange

Join ARTX Studio Artist, Shay Bredimus at the Long Beach Museum of Art​: Friday February 23rd 6-9pm for the opening of: “Cartomancy: The Seni Horoscope Re-imagined” The Seni Horoscopes were a 17th century German fortune-telling card system. This astrological picture card deck was created by Giovanni Battista Seni an Italian Oracle who served Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein, a major figure in the Thirty Years War. The Seni horoscope cards were used for divination as well as a guide to … read more