Shay Bredimus at the Long Beach Museum of Art

Join ARTX Studio Artist, Shay Bredimus at the Long Beach Museum of Art​:

Friday February 23rd 6-9pm for the opening of: “Cartomancy: The Seni Horoscope Re-imagined”

The Seni Horoscopes were a 17th century German fortune-telling card system. This astrological picture card deck was created by Giovanni Battista Seni an Italian Oracle who served Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein, a major figure in the Thirty Years War. The Seni horoscope cards were used for divination as well as a guide to spiritual pathways.

In this body of work Bredimus has reimagined a version of those historic cards, a visual mixture of pictographs and portraits, with iconic and Mystic symbolism. The artist has created 72 unique works that reference each individual card- not only to be viewed as art work but also to be seen as an interactive conduit to understanding a man’s position in the universe.

The Museum installation includes 72 individual pictographs set in a cathedral Ambiance. Bredimus continues to draw with his signature tattoo ink on drafting film. A quiet female portrait emerges from a central mystic icon such as ship crown, or nature symbol each piece is encased in a wood pediment fenestration which complements the parallel visual conversation in the reading of the cards.
Exhibition runs through May 13, 2018 at LBMA.

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