Current Exhibit

 A Brief History of Long Beach Pride

May 5th – June 3rd, 2017

Art Exchange is excited to present A Brief History of Long Beach Pride in partnership with the Historical Society of Long Beach.  The Historical Society has led the way to collecting the history of the LGBT community in Long Beach and ARTX is proud to host this exhibition coinciding with Pride Month. The exhibit was a collaboration between Ron Nelson, Executive Director of LBMA and ARTX Board Member, and Seija Rohkea, LBMA, with Julie Bartolotto, LBHS.

“We are delighted to bring these celebratory pieces of the Long Beach LGBT history collection to the community during Pride Month.” – Ron Nelson, Executive Director LBMA and ARTX Board Member

This exhibit was crafted from the extensive archive the Historical Society has amassed since launching the LGBT History Project in 2011. The goal of the project was to collect, preserve and present the stories of the community. They began with a committee that represented the city’s major LGBT organizations including The LGBTQ Center, Pride, the Lambda Democratic Club, and the Imperial Court. The committee reached out to individuals and organizations asking for materials. Thousands of photographs, posters, flyers, buttons, newsletters, documents and objects were collected. Nine oral history interviews were conducted with community members, including two (Ellen Ward and Dave Newell) who have since passed away. Their words tell the stories behind the photos you will see in the exhibit.  A cross section of the collection was originally displayed in the 2012 exhibition entitled Coming Out in Long Beach. Some of the artworks and items displayed the current show were not shown during that exhibition.

“We hope this presentation motivates the viewer to reflect on the struggles and accomplishments of the people and organizations that helped transform Long Beach into a city known for its solid LGBTQ community.” – Julie Bartolotto, Executive Director Long Beach Historical Society

Join us at Art Exchange on Friday, May 19th from 6:00 – 9pm as we celebrate A Brief History of Long Beach Pride.  The exhibition runs from May 5th through June 3rd, 2017.