Long Beach’s Commitment to the Arts

Quotes transcribed from the November 3, 2015 Long Beach City Council Meeting which resulted in a unanimous vote of approval for the ARTExchange project. See video below.

Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach

“Congratulations to the team that has brought this forward… We have been talking about this site for such a long time… it is such an important connection for downtown. I’m really heartened by the fact that there are artists involved and that it is going to be really centered around the idea of creating art…. The fact that the team… is working with the ARTExchange… to develop that kind of feel on the site… is a proud moment for the City.”

Suja Lowenthal, Vice Mayor of Long Beach, City Council Women District 2

“This moment has been 15 years in the making… I recall initial conversations between artists and residents who envisioned an innovative visual arts center in downtown Long Beach… They wanted space for creative programming, artist studios, galleries, and special events… 15 years and several iterations later, they have finally found a home in the East Village Arts District.

The residents in Long Beach will soon have a vibrant block filled with the arts, culture, commercial, and residential uses… I am very optimistic about the future connection of our downtown core with the East Village…”