February 25 – April 29, 2017

Carlos Torres    Mikey Carrasco    Shawn Barber    Sergio Sanchez    Shay Bredimus    Henry Lewis

This exhibition profiles the artwork of 6 Southern California tattoo artists who have gone beyond the boundaries of tattooing into the category of fine art.  Whether academy, university, or workshop educated and trained, each of the selected artists is well-respected and well known for their master craft of tattooing.  With in-depth focus on these exceptional artists who have brought their tattooing skill-set into the realm of fine art, all of these artists imbue a symbiotic relationship between their fine art and tattooing practices.

The artworks in this exhibition demonstrate an excellence in skill, methodology and creativity that is unparalleled in the tattoo community.  Our purpose is to present these artists whose works move beyond the traditional tattoo imagery into beautifully rendered works of art where the brushstroke and the tattoo stroke become one.  Each of these artists has harnessed their own unique style ranging from classic realism to contemporary surrealism.