Studio 346: Russ Quackenbush


Russ Quackenbush creates visual images of humanity that reflect the qualities we cherish most in each other. In his portraiture, he gently documents the relics of a subject’s life experiences as they unfold and present themselves in the emotions of their face, the language of their body, and the energy of their being. Russ’ photography gives us license to laugh, play, rejoice, or to mourn. It is through his images that we are led respectfully and thoughtfully into the life of another.

Emotionally charged landscape photography compliments his portraiture work. Russ embraces the powerful energy of place as presented to him in textures, tones, and colors. Through these he creates a complex visual record that conveys the rich history of the site. One gets a clear sense of what has come before and what is destined to be.

It is these same sensibilities that he brings to his work in commercial advertising. Traveling throughout the United States and abroad, Russ is always inspired by new environments and motivated by new challenges. Ultimately, it is his love of photography that is reflected in final result.

Upon starting his business in 1996, he has received a myriad of awards from the Photography and Advertising Annuals of Communication Arts, The Ad Club, and The One Show. Creativity Magazine, Archive, and Photo District News have all featured Russ and his work. It was 2001, that Photo District News distinguished Russ in their “30 Under 30”, presenting him as a young talent worth keeping an eye on. He has certainly lived up to that prediction.


Studio 344: Brendan Sharkey

Art has always been a major part of Brendan Sharkey’s life. He has been drawing, doodling or envisioning things since a very young age. “It came naturally and people always expressed joy in the works,” states Sharkey. Eventually he studied classical figurative drawing and painting at Laguna College of Art and Design with a major in Illustration. His practical side knew he needed to learn the digital art production as well as the traditions’ of the old masters. Brendan has found a niche for his art by leveraging his knowledge of mark making to find success in the entertainment industry and as a fine artist. He currently work as a concept designer, illustrator, graphic designer, educator, photographer, prop maker, and property master. His fine art is his personal work, mainly consisting of portrait and figure drawing and painting from life. “My personal work is almost exclusively graphite drawings and oil painting, though I like to stay fluent in all mediums.” Some of his greatest influences are John Signer Sargent and Andrew Wyeth.

Studio 342: Vivian Shimoyama

Vivian Shimoyama is a glass fusion artist. Her collection of artwork started with her desire to promote the advancement of women and people of color. Vivian designed a glass brooch that is a symbol of breaking barriers … the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling has been known as the invisible barrier that women and people of color bump up against in all walks of life.

Her pins have graced the lapels of prominent women in politics, corporations, and governments. And, her ‘Breakthru… the glass ceiling pin’ has been featured in various publications, and is featured in Madame Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s collection and her book – Read My Pins. The Read My Pins book and pin collection have been on a national and international tour. Ms. Shimoyama’s glass ceiling pin has been featured in this exhibit at the Smithsonian, The Clinton Presidential Library, New York Museum of Arts and Design, The Mint Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, and Bowers Museum to name a few.

Ms. Shimoyama started with her ‘glass with a cause’, creating a line of ‘Breakthru … the glass ceiling’ jewelry and artwork. She has also created limited and custom edition pieces. As a glass artist her creations have expanded to creating fused glass artwork pieces, mixed media, and utilizing glass techniques that include painting, pattern bars, frit, glass etching, and more.

She lives and works in Long Beach and is honored to be a part of the community center, ArtExchange.

Studio 340: Aingeel Talley

Aingeel-Z Jewelry and Accessories creates handmade products that simultaneously offer edge, and sophistication. Made locally in Long Beach, California, Aingeel takes rare and abundant stones along with metals to transform them into timeless, durable statement pieces.  Aingeel’s Jewelry is created in small batches to ensure quality.  She can also repair your keepsakes to their original splendor.  Most pieces incorporate natural stones including Agate, Amethyst, Turquoise, Coral, and Quartz, in addition to lustrous metals such as gold, silver, and brass.  Aingeel has also fallen in love with leathers of varying textures.

Products available through Aingeel-Z include
Rings, Earrings, Cuffs, Collars, Necklaces, Belts, Buckles, Pouches, and more!